Sunday, April 24, 2005

Full Moon, Full Day

Full moons are magical. Moon light becomes a transition between daylight and darkness. Night shadows play surreal patterns on everything. The moon bathes surfaces in luminescence while the hidden surfaces are cloaked in empty darkness. The juxtaposition is breathtaking.

The night animals prowl waiting, while day animals dare to tread into the false light. Owls taunt animals that otherwise cling to cover, and coyotes yip and play in packs. The night becomes busy and alive.

Gazing upward, searching the lit globe to discern large craters. Realizing that the body of mass orbiting our home is only reflecting the light of our source of life, the sun.

Day breaks with no clear delineation. And the tide of dishevel begins.

One tire is flat on the tractor cart.

The new hose doesn't reach the fence post holes. Have to haul water by buckets.

The stillcock spurts more water than flows through the hose bib.

The toilet won't stop running and the fill hose bursts spraying water all over the floor, the walls and my face.

I find more canine turds in the driveway.

The carefully-laid fence posts by their holes have to be moved to the back line: about 300 feet. One by one.

The mosquitoes are ravenous and I am their meat.

Three posts are set in their concrete beds and they stand tall like the soldiers that they are. They are perfectly plumbed and should cure to resist rubbing by horses, cows and deer.

The cattle egrets are becoming brave and waddle by me with their necks swaying side to side. They give me an odd joy.

BBAB lays down with his women and the calves play hop-scotch.

A great white heron lifts up from my pond, stopping by for a brief visit.

The long-eared owl sitting on the top branch over the pond is silhouetted against a pink and darkening blue sky.

It rains.

And all is good.

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