Thursday, April 24, 2014

A-Z Challenge. U-FOs?

Roughly 96 miles from where I live is a small remote community called Marfa (Texas). Although the town is mostly known for its density of artists (long history), it's also known for UFOs. The phenomena are called the Marfa Lights.

These lights are observed near US67 on Mitchell Flat east of Marfa. There is even a viewing 'platform' on the side of the highway. A mixture of rural legend (a sibling of 'urban' legend) and perplexed scientists, the lights are an attraction like a magnet for passersby and visitors to the Trans-Pecos area.

Paranormalists have attributed the Marfa Lights to everything from space aliens, to secret federal aerial projects, and to wandering ghosts of Spanish conquistadors. Scientific candidate explanations range from vehicle lights, mirages, glowing gases, electrical charges from surface rock, etc.

Whatever the reality behind these lights, think of a West Texas version of fireflies.

People love their legends. :)

Marfa Lights on Wikipedia.

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