Tuesday, April 25, 2006

If I were Head of State.......

  1. Everyone would be permitted to voice their opinions. That’s what they are: opinions. If they offend you, debate them intelligently, learn to filter them, or pull your head into your shell.
  2. Everyone will have the right to make wrong decisions. Learn from the consequences. Or be eliminated from the gene pool.
  3. Everyone is not created equal. We are not clones. Deal with it.
  4. There will be more than two political parties. There are more than two ideologies; let’s have better representation.
  5. All science funding will be deposited into a central fund and disseminated based upon merit, not on sexy biotechnology. The Good Ole’ Boy’s Club will be replaced by representatives from qualifying committees and societies.
  6. Science journal impact factors will be negative numbers only.
  7. Birth control will be distributed free and without discrimination.
  8. A Stupidity Test will be a mandatory component of marriage licenses. Applicants that fail will be required to complete a high school diploma and classes in “How to Be a Functioning and Responsible Human Being” before reapplying.
  9. A requirement of living with a potential spouse for two years must be satisfactorily fulfilled before applying for a marriage license. Applicants must also prove an established household income.
  10. Separation between religion and state will be strictly enforced. There is no debate.
  11. I reserve the right to add more to this list.


  1. No. 8 should also apply to driver's licenses.

  2. Good point. I am a proponent of legislation against cell phone use while driving, too.

  3. Good idea. I've seen people do things while yapping on their cell phones that drunk drivers wouldn't do.