Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Night Before Deadlift

(Introduction: I lift weights. It is a passion, not a past time. Some people have drugs, some have each other, I have The Iron. The following is a poem I wrote during a full moon, the night before before my deadlift session.)

The Night Before Deadlifts

The night is thick
and the moon is full
Tomorrow I deadlift
I can feel the pull.

On the floor
like a woman in wait
the long bar lays
ready for her mates.

The warm iron calls
eager to mount
slide over bar ends
inattentive of count.

Caress the bar
Squat down deep
stretch thigh muscles
place my feet.

Sit in the hole
Close my eyes
Tighten the back
and start to rise.

The legs push
through the floor
the back waits
till the legs say "More!"

Arms are levers
Traps tighten all
Push through the hips
and stand up tall.

Please forgive me
I'm not the same
There are a million ways
to feel nothing
or a million ways
to be free
But when I lift you
Everything I am
will be me.

Tis the night before deadlift
and the moon is full
Wolves are in the night
Hear the weights sing
my soul is in the pull.

I love the full moon and The Iron......
Proving to myself that I am still alive.


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful....I feel the rhythm and the flow of how deadlifting draws you and pushes you away at the same time...very cool